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Hydrosonic Black is White Toothbrush

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The CUREN® filaments of the brush heads are coated with activated carbon. They help to remove discoloured particles without affecting the enamel. Stylish, innovative, gentle whitening.

Brush head design that’s nothing short of exceptional. Ultra-fine, gentle CUREN® filaments – instead of conventional nylon – that wrap around each tooth to clean more effectively. And because the brush head is so small… all the areas around all your teeth are easy to reach.

Change the level at the touch of a button: 22,000 brush strokes a minute for a gentle, gum massage. Up to 32,000. Or even 42,000 for full cleaning power. All wonderfully gentle.

You can brush your teeth for a total of 60 minutes or more with one charge. The performance remains the same until the last second. Charging is via USB.

CURACURVE® is a bend in the brush of only 10 or 15 degrees. But it makes a world of difference. Now you can easily clean the difficult areas – the back of the front teeth, behind the molars and premolars. This is what happens when dental professionals design dental products.

  • Three cleaning levels – from 22,000 to 42,000 wonderfully gentle brush strokes a minute
  • Powerful battery: More than 60 minutes brushing from one USB charge – always at full power
  • With two carbon brush heads – activated carbon filaments for gentle whitening
  • Perfect cleaning: Even in hard-to-reach areas thanks to CURACURVE® – small bend, big difference.