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  Personal training with EMS - what is it and who will it work for?
Exercises with the use of muscle electrostimulation are becoming more and more popular. These are always personal trainings because they never take place without a certified trainer. The specialist watches over the proper performance of the exercises, and additionally has one more task - he selects the power and frequency of impulses for the trainee. His skills are confirmed by a certificate.
Training with a personal EMS trainer is intended for beginners and advanced users. Beginners will have the opportunity to gradually improve muscle strength and condition. Exercises take place without loads, thanks to which the risk of injury is much lower.
Personal EMS training will also work for advanced athletes who want to improve results in their discipline. Classes under the supervision of a specialist are also a solution for people whose activities are overwhelmingly monotony.
An experienced trainer - both in the gym and in the EMS studio - will be able to break the routine and propose something new.
Are you ready for the new challenge for 2022?