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DuoLife Creatinine

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Duolife Keratin Hair Complex is a unique product on the global market of dietary supplements. It is a comprehensive operation in 3 steps:
1. The product helps hair grow
2. It inhibits their falling out
3. It adds density and volume to the hair.

Keratin Hair Complex is a dietary supplement in a liquid form based on keratin and the content of natural ingredients of plant origin. They are covered by international patents *.


Your hair loss is reduced by 34% after just one month of use **

Significant reduction in hair loss. 86% after full treatment **

Your hair 10x stronger and 2x more flexible than before the treatment **

Significant improvement in volume and density. XXL for fine hair **

Results of action visible after 3 months of use **

The ingredients used are 100% natural and have been clinically tested. Their effectiveness has been confirmed by research on hair growth and condition. The raw materials used in the formulation process have proven effectiveness in the case of oral use and are intended for use by women and men. *


STEP I - Keratin Hair Complex helps hair grow

Black rice and fig opuntia extract stimulate hair growth by inducing the multiplication of papillary cells present in the hair follicles. The result is the so-called "baby hair".

STEP II - Keratin Hair Complex Inhibits hair loss

The unique composition of ingredients has been selected to optimize the process of hair stimulation and reconstruction. All the ingredients used complement each other, creating a liquid Keratin Hair Nourishing Therapy. The preparation prevents excessive hair loss.

STEP III - Keratin Hair Complex Adds thickness and volume to the hair

The Keratin Hair Complex contains amla fruits, which are the source of vitamin C important for hair. Vitamin deficiency C contributes to the deterioration of the functioning of the scalp, which causes the process of creating the hair shaft to be disturbed and the problem of hair loss appears. The grape seed extract contained in the product nourishes and stimulates the hair bulbs. These ingredients improve the structure of the hair and seal its protective layer.

* Applies to the selected components.
** The study was conducted on a group of 21 people. Operation is verified every 2 weeks of use. Tested in a research laboratory.