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DuoLife Beauty Care Collagen Body Butter 200 ml

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Firming and modeling body butter DuoLife Beauty Care Collagen is a unique combination of three forms of hyaluronic acid, the effect of which has been confirmed scientific research, closed in the revolutionary HyalTri 24/7 Nutri-FormTM Formula. An innovative form of cross-linked hyaluronic acid, with strong water-absorbing properties, can act as a local "filler" for the skin, contributing to increased skin elasticity and elasticity.

The latest scientific reports confirm the direct relationship between health and well-being and the appearance and condition of the skin. The skin is the largest organ of our body, connected directly to the nervous system. The development of science has led to a breakthrough in the perception of the role and importance of the brain-skin connection, and to the emergence of a new branch of medicine: psychodermatology. The skin and the brain develop from the same germ plate - ectoblast, which may undoubtedly result in a mutual interaction between them. The direct relationship between health and well-being and the appearance and condition of the skin has been confirmed by numerous studies. The real breakthrough is the combination of internal supplementation with products acting from the outside.
A comprehensive and holistic approach to caring for health and the body has become the beginning of our search. Their effect is a completely new product category, which is the perfect complement to the supplementation with DuoLife products. Thanks to the use of the proprietary 24/7 Nutri-Form ™ formula, which is perfect for all skin types and at any time of the year, DuoLife Beauty Care cosmetics use the latest scientific findings for optimal skin nourishment flowing straight from nature.
The DuoLife Beauty Care series is a reflection of the composition of the Liquid Formula products enriched with proprietary active formulas that maximize the effects of cosmetics
is the main component of connective tissue
has a strong effect antioxidant
is responsible for the elasticity of collagen fibers
delays the processes aging of the organism
ensures the skin's continuity of cell renewal